What's a Lifter?

Energy storage is the key to the continued development of green energy technology. Without a method to store energy derived from solar, wind and hydro sources, the use of green energy, being dependent to its cyclical availability, will be limited.  There are many ideas and proposals for energy storage, batteries, hydro, compressed air, fly wheels, thermal exchange, etc. and gravitational energy storage, which is the focus of BCLifters, LLC, as it promotes a machine that makes it easy to position a mass vertically and use its potential energy. This machine is called a "Lifter". It may be used as a gravity battery in a centralized energy grid system or a distributed energy system (local, no grid). Wind, solar, water and physical (human/animal) power may be stored as gravitational potential energy and staged to be used when needed.

    The Lifter is a patented machine designed to lift an object. It provides a method to raise an object to a height sufficient to make it a viable source of gravitational stored energy.  A Lifter does not produce a greater amount of energy than what was put into it. In other words, it is not a "free energy" device. For the benefits of the Lifter to be realized one must put in as much energy as one expects to get out. It is designed to take advantage of the size and shape of the object being lifted. This mechanical advantage is used when applying a series of tilting cycles to the object being lifted. Here, on this web site there are many different Lifter designs using this tilting technique.

So, imagine, enjoy and Build more Lifters!

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Latest Updates: ( most recent at top  )

Carousel-Gravity Bank

New demo of a method to store potential energy using a Lifter, Gravity Bank and a Carousel. This is a way to increase the storage capacity of a Lifter with out having to increase its height or size. Carousel-Gravity Bank

New Lifter Safety added

Safety measures have been added to the Rack and Pinion Lifter that makes the use of a Lifter much saver and allows one to operate a Lifter with greater confidence. Lifter Safety

Patent Granted       

 **** US PATENT NO. 9,982,660 , LIFTING SYSTEM AND  METHOD FOR AN INCLINED PLANE   ****     Issue Date: May, 29, 2018.

Rack and Pinion          

This is a new Lifter model based on an earlier one. This recent  model is on a new in-door platform and has several improvements. Rack and Pinion

Roller Chain Fulcrum  

This is an new gripper style Lifter model using roller chains and cables to position the Carriage on the vertical support. Roller Chain Fulcrum 

Water Wheel                

 A Hydro Lifter has been configured to use a water wheel and a Gravity Light. This is a good example of a Lifter with a well designed gear box, generator and lighting system  combination docked to it.  Water Wheel 

Hydro Lifter 

A Lifter designed to use a liquid in the Carriage, showing an example of how the potential energy might be extracted and used. Included in the demo is a time lapse video showing the Carriage tilted up the Vertical Support using solar energy to power water pumps.  Hydro Lifter

Patent Granted         **** China PATENT NO. CN105829237A, granted. ****

Hydro Storage

A Lifter might be configured to use water instead of a solid material in its Carriage. Look at that design and see the problems and benefits it offers.  Hydro Storage

Solar Storage         

Solar energy is used to pump water and tilt the Carriage of a Lifter. Solar Storage

Patent Granted      

**** US PATENT NO. 9,488,159 , LIFTING SYSTEM AND METHOD  **** Issue Date: November, 08, 2016.

Docking Port          

The Lifter has been configured with a docking port. A test is conducted with a hand cranked radio. Docking Port

Planetary Gear     

 A new geared output and a method of controlling drop time is demonstrated. Planetary Gear

Ground Support    

A demonstration of ground based tilt support. Ground Support

Induction Light     

An induction light is provided with the means to shine with Lifter output. Output-Dynamo

Generator Output    Lighting a small USB light with a generator attached to a Lifter.     Output-Generator

Gripping Fulcrum    

There are many methods to hold a Carriage in place as it moves up a Vertical Support. Here is one suggested method, Variations Gripper Fulcrums, and a Proof of Concept on a two pole Lifter. Gripper Fulcrums

Lifter on an incline   

A suggested use of a Lifter using an incline for the Vertical Support, Inclined Lifter. Proof of Concept for a Lifter operating on an incline. Lifter on Incline

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