A method of extending the usefulness of a Lifter is to add a Gravity Bank and a Carousel.

The Gravity Bank is where raised blocks are placed as they reach the top of the Lifter. Moving the blocks out of the Carriage and onto the Gravity Bank introduces a new mechanical assembly. The method and action of the assembly is not specific as there are so many ways that it could be accomplished. In the Gravity Bank, the blocks could be laid down in such a way that they take up the least vertical space. Gravity Banks could be several storage racks deep and hold many blocks. It could receive blocks from several Lifters. Conveyor Systems and Gravity Flow Racks are common and range in size from holding soda cans in vending machines to massive shipping containers.

The Carousel receives blocks from the Gravity Bank. At the upper or the lower axle of the Carousel Support would be the attached shaft which would receive the energy produced by the slowly falling blocks. Like the Gravity Bank, the Carousel may be designed to receive the blocks in a position that would allow more blocks to be placed in it and thus provide power over a longer period of time or more power over a shorter period of time. As blocks leave the Carousel at the bottom they are delivered back to the Lifter for another ride to the top.

Imagine a Lifter with a block size 10'x4'x3.5'=140 cu-ft. It would weigh around 10 tons. A single block allowed to drop from 300 feet in 60 minutes could produce about 2.3 kilowatts of power. A 300 foot Lifter and Carousel would produce much more. The Carousel could hold around 69+ blocks (300 ft / 3.5 ft ) and in the Gravity Bank there would be room for 69+ blocks, stored and ready to slide onto the Carousel. A fully loaded Carousel and Gravity Bank could provide 160 kilowatts for almost 2 hours (decreasing in the last hour as the Carousel empties). Since the reload time is very important, several lifters might be used to reload a single Gravity Bank.

Wind Powered Lifter with Carousel

Daisy Chained Lifters for Supplemental Power and Load Balancing

At first glance one would think that a Carousel this large would be very uncommon or unlikely to be constructed. The truth is, they have been around for quite a while and continue to be built. A search on Google for, Rotary type parking system, shows that they are here to stay. Parking space, in concentrated city living areas, require that the real estate be used as efficiently as possible and these Carousel type parking garages meet that requirement.

Reference Link: Current Energy Storage Methods

Note: Using Power Assisted Lifters would decentralize the Lifter System, allowing the creation of Lifter Farms serviced from multiple remote sources of power.