Sliding Pinion

This model of Lifter is a Single Pole Lifter using a Rack and Sliding Pinion to hold and position the Carriage on the Vertical Support. Along the bottom of the Carriage are two spring loaded pinions. As the Carriage is tilted from side to side the pinions are pulled up to the next position on the rack. Each rack position is one inch up from the one below it. This Lifter takes twelve tilts to raise the Carriage one foot. It uses the cables and ratchet system found on the No-Rack Lifter as a safety mechanism and to hold the Carriage when it reaches the upper end of the rack. Here the pinions are guided up a portion of the rack where there are no projections so that they are pushed back away from the rack allowing the pinions to be locked and freeing the Carriage from the racks support. Once the pinions are locked and the drop cable tightened, the ratchet gears are released and the Carriage is free to drop and provide power to turn the generator.

Single Pole Lifter with Rack and Sliding Pinion-Std.wmv

Underside of Carriage - Sliding Pinions

Sliding Pinion - Carriage Base
Sliding Pinion - Side View