Ground Support

This video shows how with a simple addition of pulleys, a significant amount of Mechanical Advantage might be added. This allows for larger payloads in the Carriage and/or matching ones mechanical or physical abilities. Here my 87, or is it 86, year old Mom is helping me tilt the Carriage up the Vertical Support. The Carriage and its payload weighs around 540 to 570 lbs. She can't provide the force needed to tilt the Carriage without some sort of Ground Assist. I put three pulleys on one end and attached the end of the rope to the ground spike. This gives her a MA of 3. Even though she has to pull three times as much rope as I do, it is with only one third the force. Even the addition of small counter weights on the end of the Tilt Arm will aid in balancing out the force required to tilt for two individuals with different pulling abilities. There are many ways to enhance ones ability to tilt the Carriage of a Lifter.

Ground Assist - Pulleys

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