The first GIF depicts a Single Pole Lifter of the Rack and Ratchet Gear Type. It has two Carriage Rocking Cables and a Drop Cable which is attached to a Take-Up Reel. When the Carriage gets to the top the Drop Cable must be pulled tight around the Take-Up Reel and the Ratchet Gears released to roll the other way. As the Carriage drops it turns gears in the Gear Box which powers a Generator to produce electricity.

The other GIF shows a version of a Single Pole Lifter. It uses a Sliding Pinion as fulcrums. Two other versions of this type would be the Flapper Pinion or a Plunger Pinion Lifter. Notice that the Carriage has the raised Support Arms and a Carriage Support Pulley Assembly. Also notice that springs are used to hold the Sliding Pinions in position against the Vertical Support Pole.


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