Multi Pole

A Multi-Pole Lifter design is suitable for small or large application. As with all Lifters it may be designed with an additional tilt assist assemblies. This design shows only one carriage and one block, however it could consist of a pair of blocks with one on each side of the two vertical support poles or there could be four vertical support poles arranged with one or two blocks between them or on either side. This model shows two Vertical Support Racks with support points built into it. The Carriage Assembly has two Ratchet Support Arms with Ratchet Pinions attached. The Ratchet Pinions roll up the inside of the Vertical Support Rack and engages the support points. The Ratchet Pinions roll in only one direction while the Carriage Assembly is tilted back and forth. Once the Block is to the height desired the Ratchet Pinions direction of rotation is set in reverse so as to allow the Carriage to slide back down the Vertical Support Rack. At the top of the Carriage is a Tilt Guide. It supports the Carriage against the Center Support and provides a location for a Pulley Assembly. The Center Support Guide moves freely up or down the Center Support as the Carriage moves up or down.

An example of a Multi-Pole Lifter can be seen in the Proof Concept Section here: Gripper Fulcrums

Multi-Pole Lifter

Multi Pole Lifter

Multi-Pole Lifter with Tilt Assist Assemblies