Water Wheel

In this Lifter example I have docked a Gravity Light to a Lifter. A bucket water wheel delivers energy, stored in the Carriage, to the Gravity Light. This Lifter is nearly identical to the original Hydro Lifter, which used a Pelton Turbine. This is really just a very simple water wheel. There are four 12" pulleys, buckets made from ice cube containers ( I probably could have used large cups.), some PVC pipe, plastic ties, glue, weed eater cord and a 50 ft green extension cord. The water valve was placed up near the bottom of the Carriage and can be operated from the ground level. The frame was made from chain link fence parts. A swing arm on the water wheel support structure can be moved into place to collect the water flow from the Carriage and moved out of the way as the Carriage is tilted up or lowered. On the lower axle, of the water wheel, I made a bead pulley gear out of some plumbers putty by building up a layer on a PVC pipe. Once it was slightly over half as thick as a chain bead, I pressed the bead chain into the putty. The diameter of the PVC pipe and the putty has to be just right to accept a string of beads. You can put several drill holes in the PVC pipe below the putty. Pressing additional putty into these holes will add strength to your putty gear and keep it from possibly slipping on the PVC pipe. The bead chain was cut to the desired length with enough string left on each end to smash several beads off, allowing a square knot to be tied. You can tie several times until the knot is the size of a bead. Watch the spacing of your knot in relation to the other beads. I put several drops of super glue on it and after it dried I cut the extra ends off.

The Gravity Light uses around 20 to 25 pounds to operate for 20 minutes. This varies as to how high you have the light positioned and the exact weight used. In this example I was able to get 50-60 minutes for every 10 gallons ( approx. 83 pounds) of water collected by the water wheel. The water wheel is not as efficient as it could be. The size is a little large for its current use.

A Hydro Lifter has a built in loss as I described here, Hydro Storage. Over all this is a good example of how you can spend a few minutes filling the Carriage with water and tilting it up to achieve hours of light from a Gravity Light.

Hydro Lifter , Water Wheel and Gravity Light - part 1

Hydro Lifter Water Wheel and GL02 - part1.wmv

Hydro Lifter , Water Wheel and Gravity Light - part 2

Hydro Lifter Water Wheel and GL02 - part2.wmv

I was very pleased with my new Gravity Light. About four years ago I read about it and was really impressed at the idea. Jim Reeves had a great idea and has since created a very well designed product.

Amazon sales Gravity Light, Gravity Light and there is a new version coming soon. You can see it here at Deciwatt . As soon as I get mine I will attach it to a Lifter and see how well it works.

Hydro Lifter , Water Wheel and Gravity Light - part 3

Note: I am not affiliated with Gravity Light. Making changes to your Gravity Light, as I have with mine, will probably void any warranty.