Single Pole

Shown is a Single Pole Lifter. It has a single Vertical Pole to support the Carriage. The Carriage has the two tilt enhancers, the Lever Assist Arms and the Pulley incorporated as part of the Carriage design. When the Carriage is tilted from one side to the other the pinion on either side of the Vertical Pole moves from one support position to the one above it. The supports on either side of the Vertical Support Pole are calculated for optimum placement and size in relation to the size and weight of the object being tilted and the angle of tilt. The Cable Assist lines are threaded through an upper support and guide assembly at the top of the Vertical Support (not shown). The Cable Assist is in turn threaded through the Pulley System and the Lever Assist Arms. The Pulley System is attached to the Carriage and slides on the Vertical Support. The Carriage moves freely below this assembly. Springs act on the pinions allowing them to re-position onto the support structures of the Vertical Support.

Single Pole Spring Loaded Plunger/Flapper


Single Pole Lifter with Sliding Pinion

Single Pole Lifter with Sliding Pinion

See example under Proof of Concept: Sliding Pinion