Camp Site

A Camp Site might be an ideal place for a small portable Lifter. Taking a laptop, iPad, mobile phone, etc. on a camping trip provides one with luxuries available only if they are charged up. When their battery is drained they become useless. Portable Solar chargers and/or hand cranked generators gives you the ability to recharge your laptop and other gadgets, if the sun is shining or you don't mind setting and turning a crank for 30-60 minutes. A Campsite Lifter gives you the ability to recharge portable devices whenever you need to and provide power for lights as well.

As you can see from the figure to the right, it would require very little effort to assemble and set up a Lifter at a campsite. The entire product would be able to fit in a large military duffle bag or carrying case.

Lifters of various models and size would be available based on the desired power output and the ability of those using it. The Weight Holders would be designed to hold whatever material that would be readily available at the campsite. They would be made of a heavy waterproof flexible material. The Carriage would provide physical shape and support to the Weight Holders.


Rocks and/or dirt could be used to fill the Weight Holders once the Lifter had been assembled. Water, if available, could be added to the mix, increasing its overall weight.

Output will vary with the height of the Lifter, the weight carried by the Carriage and the drop time.