Hydro Lifter

Previous Lifters have used a solid material in the Carriage. This design replaces that solid material with one that will flow, namely water. The primary function of the Lifter, tilting a mass of material up a vertical support, has not changed. When the material in the Carriage is raised to a height usable for energy extraction, that material must be brought back down to a lower position so that energy might be extracted. The first video shows changes that have been made to enable the implementation of such a type of Lifter. The most noticeable difference being, no gear or pulley system is needed for energy extraction. Generally there are three types of water wheels and three types of water turbines. I show in these videos how I used a water turbine, called a Pelton Wheel, to extract the stored energy in the Carriage of the Lifter. The Pelton Wheel is an impulse type water turbine. The Pelton wheel extracts energy from the impulse of moving water, as opposed to water's dead weight like the traditional overshot water wheel.

The second video shows a time lapse tilt cycle of the Hydro Lifter being tilted by the direct conversion of solar energy to mechanical energy. No battery was used to store the solar energy before it was used by the water pumps on the Lifter. A battery would keep the tilt cycle more regular since clouds frequently lowers the output of the solar panels. However in this demo I wanted to show how the solar energy could be directly stored by a Lifter. The example shown gives a good example of how this method might be used to tilt up the Carriage of a Lifter. Generally one might want to use this method when operating a Lifter with a much heavier load in the Carriage where the effort to tilt might be to great or the tilts needed to numerous for human implementation. This would be good for any Lifter where more than a few minutes of tilting would be required to tilt the Carriage up.

The third video shows how the energy was extracted from the Hydro Lifter. A Pelton turbine is shown being driven by the flow of water from the containers in the Lifter. The Pelton turbine is used to turn a Styrofoam wheel with aluminum tape around its rim. This spinning wheel serves the same purpose as a bicycle wheel, which is used in conjunction with a Magnic Light, to cause it to produce a very bright light output.

This next video shows that the Hydro Lifter could also be used to provide the energy needed to turn the crank on a hand cranked radio. This has been demonstrated before by the extraction of energy from a Lifter constructed with a gear and pulley system and solid material in its Carriage.

The use of a liquid in a Lifter instead of a solid material should be comparable. The efficiency of one over the other is surely dependent upon the method used to extract the energy.

Overview Hydro Lifter

Overview Hydro Lifter.wmv

Solar powered Hydro Lifter - Time Lapse

Solar powered Hydro Lifter - Time Lapse.wmv

Hydro Lifter with Pelton Wheel and Magnic Light

Hydro Lifter with Pelton Wheel and Magnic Light.wmv

Hydro Lifter Pelton Wheel and Handcrank Radio

Hydro Lifter Pelton Wheel and Handcrank Radio.wmv

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