Room Model

A Small Room Model placed inside a home or cabin would give one the power they need to keep low wattage lights lit and personal gadgets charged in the event of a power outage. This model would be ideal for rural areas with no electric power grids. In such a setting it could replace the need for oil or other carbon based lighting methods.

Since the height of the Lifter wouldn't be as great as a Camp Site version and since it could be constructed with a base, heavier weights can be used to compensate for the reduced height limitations. The gearbox and generator may be placed at the top or bottom of the Lifter, or to the Carriage, making the whole product integrated in one sturdy floor mounted assembly.

Based on liberal calculations, a 500 pound carriage raised eight to ten feet could provide 2 watts for an hour, 4 watts for a half hour or 8 watts for 15 minutes. This would allow one to have light for an hours or charge a variety of gadgets. The amount of force to tilt the Carriage with 500 pounds in it would be around 20 pounds for each tilt depending on the method used to tilt.


Many portable hand crank generators used for emergency lighting and gadget charging requires one to crank on a handle at the rate of 60 to 80 rpm for several minutes. A Lifter this size and height would take about 5-10 minutes to raise the Carriage. This would provide one with the freedom to perform this task as often as needed and give one time to use the stored energy in the Lifter to power or charge a device or use the power produced directly.

A model that is about this size may be see in the Proof-of-Concept Section:

Rack and Pinion