Using a Lifter at home or a cabin (bug out site) would provide one with a means to provide electrical power. The size of the Lifter would be larger than the room or campsite models. A 30 foot vertical support could be constructed without any special equipment. Installing a 60 ft. or 100 ft. vertical support would be more difficult and require additional consideration.

Another possibility to increase overall power generation would be to use several small to medium size Lifters and daisy chain the output to a common gear box/generator. Two medium size Lifters would provide the same potential energy as one large Lifter. Lifters are simple and easily constructed. One could have several stand alone Lifters with their own gear box and generator feeding power into a common battery recharge system.

There would be the option to install a Lifter/Gravity Bank/Carousel system. (See section on Carousel). This would be ideal for prolonging the power output of the Lifter system and enable one to get the most from a single Lifter of any size.

Additionally, one might consider a Lifter designed for operation up an incline. This could be utilized with a Gravity Bank/ Carousel or as a purely inertial system with multiple Carriages stored on an incline and released for downward energy production when needed.

A Powered Lifter would also be ideal for home use. Wind or solar power could be used to operate the Lifter and further automate its use.

Lifter for Home or Cabin


In Proof-of-Concept there is are several Lifter examples: