Tilt Assist Arm

This is a working model of a Single Pole Lifter using an Extended Tilt Assist Arm to tilt the Carriage.

The Carriage has 135 pounds of blocks on each side of the Carriage. Including the Carriage this adds up to about 320 pounds. The arm is 9 feet long and is centered on the Carriage. The fulcrums are about 6 inches apart. The Mechanical Advantage provided by the Tilt Arm is about 4. A Carriage, tilted to 12 degrees, can be tilted back to a level position by pulling down on the tilt arm with a force of about 25 pounds of downward pull on the Extended Tilt Assist Arm. See the Section: A Little Math for an explanation.

This design has the advantage of being very simple to implement and there is minimum of friction. To increase the overall Mechanical Advantage of the Lifter, one merely needs to increase the length of the Extended Tilt Arm.

Lifter using an Extended Tilt Lever Assist Arm

Exteneded Tilt Lever.wmv

The Carriage is supported along the Vertical Support using a Rack and Sliding Pinion. See an example of this with the Carriage unloaded here: Sliding Pinion